When there’s a harsh snowstorm raging outside your home, it’s hard to go outside with your canine friend for their daily walk. It’s important that dogs get their required amount of exercise on a regular basis, otherwise it can lead them to feeling anxious, restless and sometimes aggressive. To help keep your dog active indoors, here are a few activities the two of you can do.

Use the Stairs

If you live in a two story house, then you have the perfect setup to allow your dog to exercise without any equipment. Whether you’re chasing your dog up and down the stairs or they’re chasing you, you’re both getting an intense workout that’s guaranteed to tire the two of you out.

Create an Obstacle Course

This is a great way to exercise both the mental and physical aspects of your dog. You can use anything that’s laying around the to build this course, including pillows, blankets, chairs, whatever you want. Create a tunnel for them to run through while using small obstacles (or large ones, depending on the size of your dog) for them to jump over and weave through.

Play Fetch

A classic in its own right, playing fetch with your dog can never get old. For them anyway. Being aware of your surrounding and possibly moving fragile objects out of the way, play fetch indoors when it’s too rainy or cold to go outside. If you have a long hallway or large room, that’s the ideal location to toss a ball or your pups favorite chew toy.

Play Tug of War

All you need is a rope and an energetic dog for an effective go at tug of war. No rope? Then use an old, thick piece of clothing you have no interest in wearing again. Tug of war is a great game that will help your dog learn self-control while burning off their lunch.

Hide and Seek Anyone?

Whether you choose to use their favorite toys or delicious treats, playing hide and seek with your canine is the perfect way to get them active. You can hide them in simple areas or complex ones, it’s up to you and your dog. Or for even more fun, you yourself can hide while your dog searches for you. Give them a treat every time they’ve successfully sought you out.

Set Up a Play date

Instead of going to a dog park, bring the neighborhood dogs to your house for a cute play date. It’s a great way to keep them entertained and social while also providing them with heaps of exercise. This can go on for an hour or several, depending on your dog’s energy levels. You can even add toys and simple obstacles into the mix for even more fun.

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