Certain foods will help improve your pet’s health, and if you are ready to make a few changes, the following healthy foods would be a great addition to your pet’s diet:

Raw Eggs

Most people will fear raw eggs, and it’s natural to feel this way because some raw foods can cause your pet to become sick. Raw eggs, however, are a complete source of nutrition for your dog if eaten with their shells, so allow your dog to consume them a few times a week. Cooking the eggs will actually destroy many of its nutrients, so allow them to eat it raw because eggs are a great source of selenium, iron, vitamin A and fatty acids. Start with small amounts if this is a new food item for your pet, and work your way up to a whole raw egg two to three times a week.

Goat’s Milk

This is the most digestible milk that is available because it contains small-sized molecules, so it can be easily absorbed. Raw goat’s milk has naturally occurring probiotics and is more hypoallergenic and better tolerated than cow’s milk. Goat’s milk from animals that have been naturally raised are ideal, and raw and organic options would also be best.


This is often compared to yogurt because they look similar, but this has a number of additional benefits as it is a fermented food loaded with probiotics and beneficial yeasts. This would help fight off bacteria and pathogenic yeast, and adding kefir to your pet’s diet will significantly improve their health.


This is an excellent source of taurine and Omega-3 fatty acids, both of which are essential for good health. You can try replacing a portion of your dog’s meal with a few sardines about two to three times a week and can try alternating eggs and sardines. Variety is important for a balanced diet, so you can’t forget about this aspect.

Bone Broth

This will provide your dog with the hydration their diet needs, so it is very important for pets who eat dry foods. Water is a must for good health, and the reality is that most dogs and cats do not drink enough, so the addition of bone broth will really help.

Coconut Oil

This is a fatty acid that contains several health benefits, and your dog’s coat will be very shiny and soft if you feed them a little bit of coconut oil every day. Not only is this great for skin and coat health, it can also help with weight loss, repel ticks, expel parasites and improve gut health and brain function as well. Coconut oil can also be rubbed into cracked or dry paws, so your pet will feel moisturized and healed.

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