Spring is here and so is the perfect season to go for a walk in the park with your pooch. Isn’t it wonderful to watch your furry friend leaping among the flowers, barking in delight and sneezing from time to time! Hold on! Sneezing from time to time? That is not how it is supposed to be. You need to take him to the vet. He may be allergic to pollen or coming down with a cold.

While Spring is a time to celebrate the outdoors with your little one, it is also important to keep an eye out for allergies and diseases that so often come with this season.

Don’t fret! Just listen to these few tips from your trusted vet and you will have him bouncing about in your backyard again.

Keep Fido Out of Melting Snow

Spring in Toronto is not always sunshine and roses. From time to time you may have flurries and freezing rain. Melting snow is not ideal for your pet, be it a dog or a cat. There are hidden dangers lurking beneath. Sometimes it could be feces from squirrels and chipmunks. Sometimes it could be litter, garbage or plastic bags. Keep your little one from going near such dangers. He could end up sick.

Stay Clear of Salty Roads

When salted snow and ice melt, this can severely upset the stomach linings of your pet. Keep him away from slush.

Poisonous Spring Plants

Not all spring plants are as pretty as they look. Some can be poison for your pooch. Keep him away from sniffing and nibbling on wild shrubs, leaves and berries.


Small insects and flies come out this time and sting hard. This is also the mating season for fleas and insects and they can turn aggressive if disturbed. Stings and insect bites can cause severe rashes and inflammation. Protect your dog or cat with sprays. Consult your vet for the right choices.

Use Hypoallergenic or Medicated Shampoo

If you notice that your dog is itching more often this spring, try buying an over the counter anti-itch shampoo. Look to see if it features soothing ingredients like oatmeal, aloe, and primrose oil. If the itching persists, visit your local vet to get a medicated shampoo that will help control the allergens on your dog’s fur and skin.

Visit your vet for a spring check up to prevent allergies and heal ailments if any. Learn how to take care of your pet so he enjoys the season as much as you do. The professional veterinarians Eglinton Highway 10 Vet gives you medications and tips to protect your pet, not just in the spring season but throughout the year. You can also bring your pet into our location to test if they have any allergies. The tests are similar to humans where different allergens are injected into the skin to see if they have any reactions. Don’t delay; book your appointment today to keep your furry friend loving the spring weather!