Any visit for medical help for your 4 legged family members, should be an experience that leaves you feeling confident in the abilities of your veterinarian. The majority of vets got into their profession because of a deep-rooted sense of love for animals, and this is something that should come across when your pet goes for a check-up or medical attention. What makes a good vet? There are some standards by which you can find the right Veterinary Clinic for your family pet.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but have you seen the licenses and certifications in your veterinarian’s office? A professional veterinarian will typically be proud to display their training and put to rest any questions you may have about their education history and accomplishments.

Time Management

Nobody can work 24/7 but your vet or their staff should have set office hours that you can depend on, let their clients know in advance of a vacation, holiday hours, or other closures, and deal with medical emergencies quickly and efficiently. You should also ensure that someone is available as a backup plan should an emergency arise during hours that the office is normally closed.


Your veterinarian’s office should be clean and well organized. It should also be equipped with all the tools of the trade, including an x-ray machine, ultrasound, dental equipment, and surgery equipment. Surfaces should be wiped between clients and new tools such as tongue depressors and thermometer covers should be changed with every patient. Your vet should stock everything required for routine checkups and surgeries such as spays and neuters.

Good Communication

A good veterinarian will be able to explain to you, in layman’s terms, everything from what diseases your pet might suffer to the details of the medical procedures required to make them well again. They should also offer information as to the cost of the procedures, medication, risks associated, and aftercare clearly and concisely. Unexpected things do arise, however, for the most part, a vet will prepare his/her clients to the best of her ability in a given situation.

Bedside manner

Our fur babies are often afraid or nervous when it comes to a trip to the vet.  It’s an unfamiliar environment, they may be hurt or feel sick, feed off of your fear. Those steel tables aren’t the most comfortable of seats or beds. A good vet will convey not only professional capability, confidence, and efficiency, but also calm reassurance, kindness, and compassion for both you and your animal. Your vet should be able to address an animal’s needs not only medically, but also emotionally.

When looking for a veterinarian, consider that they’ve got all of these bases covered so that your animal has the best care possible. It’s important to find a vet with these qualities so that you don’t end up taken off guard by unexplained procedures or bills, and that you can feel confident leaving your furry family member in capable hands.