Most dogs are full of energy, and this is especially true when they’re puppies, so it’s important to train them and to teach them good habits early on. This will prevent them from displaying bad behaviours, and you will be much happier with your bond.

The right leadership and training will help turn your puppy into a very well-mannered pet, and the following techniques will help in this regard:

To Stop Them from Jumping

This is a very common puppy behaviour, and unless you put a stop to it, your dog will continue to jump up for pretty much anything from food to water and even on your guests and furniture. This can be frustrating, but unless you teach them; otherwise, they will not stop because a dog will not understand when it’s okay to jump, and it is not. It’s important that your puppy does not receive any attention for jumping because this will be a sign of encouragement, so they will repeat this behaviour.

You should not acknowledge their jumping because that sort of response is what they want and work on gaining control of the situation instead. A solid “sit” command, for example, will get them to stop, and you can do this by bringing a treat close to their nose and guiding it upwards over their head so that their backside automatically touches the ground. Reward them with a treat to acknowledge their correct behaviour and repeat this training exercise.

To Stop Them from Nipping

Puppies do this during play to learn about their boundaries and their own strength, but your hands and feet should not become their chew toys. Without the proper training, puppies will continue to do this into adulthood, and this can result in serious harm, so you need to stop your puppy from nipping by providing them with chew toys. Whenever your puppy goes to nip at you, give them one of these toys right away and put a stop to it even if you think it’s cute and harmless. Let them know that chew toys are the only thing they can nip at so that they don’t try it with humans, shoes or furniture pieces.

To Stop Them from Escaping

Puppies are very curious, so an open doorway would be very exciting to them, and this is very problematic because this behaviour can put your dog at risk. Their safety and yours will be on the line, so they have to learn that this behaviour is bad. Good communication is very important when training your puppy and teaching them manners, so you need to ask them to sit, wait and make eye contact with you. They need to learn to be patient and must understand their boundaries, so start opening the door a little bit, and if they try to lunge out, shut the door and try again until they learn to wait.

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