When you think of a puppy, what is your first thought? Cuteness, cuddles, or is it the thought of having another best friend? We can say that for a lot of dog owners, their pet is like their child. What do you do when you have a child? Well, you keep them safe, of course, with baby gates, rubber pieces to cover any sharp edges on furniture, or plastic plugs to block any power outlets so that your baby doesn’t try to get themselves hurt. This is exactly what dog owners must also do with their pets, you have to make sure that not only do you have the essential things for owning a dog, but you have made your house/property safe enough so that they can roam freely while you’re at work, and you don’t have to think about them getting hurt.


Why You Should Puppy Proof Your Home


If you are trying to find products that can keep your puppy safe from dangerous places in your house, you might want to have a perspective from the view of a dog’s eye. How would you do this, you ask? Get on your knees and hands and get onto the floor, bend to a dog’s height and scan the floor and any objects you might see, this isn’t even the silliest part of it yet. Make sure to start shimmying around the floor, this way, you can get a whole perspective of your property.

Try to create a puppy zone in your house for the new dog you are bringing home. Make sure that the puppy zone provides enough space for a dog to rummage through his or her toys and doesn’t get bored of the space they are in. Your puppy is like a curious toddler, if you have any chemicals in the house, lock it up and leave it there, always remember to put stuff back if you have taken out dangerous cleaning materials and other toxic materials. Don’t forget to keep your house plants up in high places, this way, your puppy doesn’t scrape the pot down and make a big mess.

After learning about these tips of safety proofing your house for when you get your new puppy, not only do you have to make sure they’re safe and happy, but also that they are healthy physically and mentally. This is why Eglinton Hwy 10 Vet is the perfect place to bring your dog or new puppy to an animal hospital or veterinary clinic in Mississauga to get new shots for your new buddy.