Every day, new veterinary care advances with advanced medical technology are introduced to pets are often overlooked in animal shelters while their younger counterparts are picked up.

What is a senior pet? A cat is considered senior when it turns eight to 10 years of age. For dogs, it’s seven to 10 years.

“Senior pets” does not refer to aged pets only. Mature pets with higher levels of decorum and intelligence are considered senior too. The older, wiser ones are overlooked because of a few myths:

  • Senior pets are considered a burden: When the owners die, the pet left behind is often picked up by animal shelters. Many of them are in a depressed state of mind which gives people reason to ignore them and adopt the sprightly younger ones instead.
  • Senior pets cost more: People assume that senior pets need more medical attention hence the costs for their upkeep may be more. It helps to remember that pups and kittens also could have several health problems too and need extra care and attention, including frequent vaccinations.
  • Senior pets are not considered trainable: They say that you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks but that is untrue. Mature pets can be better trained in a shorter time because they are trained already or have more problem-solving skills gained from previous experience. They are playful, responsive and more protective of their owners.

7 Advantages of Adopting a Senior Pet

Here are some interesting facts about senior pets that you may not have known about.

  1. Adopting senior pets is easier than raising puppies or kittens because they come house-trained. Many pets are house-trained before they are taken to the shelters.
  2. Senior pets can be taught new tricks faster. They are more receptive, follow commands better, are calmer, and are more patient in general.
  3. They make perfect companions for children and elderly people because they are more protective, less demanding, and watchful.
  4. Older pets are friendlier, kinder and bond faster because they know how to get along with others. If their previous owners have passed, they are more receptive to gaining new affection to fill the void in their lives. They are usually more compassionate and loving than younger pets.
  5. With an older pet, you know what you get. You are not left guessing about how their personalities will develop so they are easier to care for.
  6. They are less energetic so they won’t ruin your furniture as much.
  7. They don’t require constant attention and monitoring. Some could have health problems but on the other hand, their love and loyalty for you are far stronger and grows with each year. Caring for a senior pet can be deeply gratifying.

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