Dog parks are a ton of fun for your furry loved ones. However, you need to make sure that you and your dog are prepared before you head to a dog park. Knowing the basic rules of the dog park will ensure that you’re doing your part to keep it a safe and fun experience for everyone. 

No to Puppies 

Having a puppy is an exciting time and you will be eager to get your little one out to play and make new friends, but puppies under the age of 16 weeks that are not fully vaccinated yet should not go to the dog park for a number of reasons. First, they are vulnerable to diseases that they do not have immunity to yet. Second, they can get injured by bigger dogs as they are still small and fragile. 

Pick up After your Dog 

If your dog does their business, come prepared with a scoop and doggy bag to dispose of their waste accordingly. Leaving a mess behind not only makes the dog park uninviting, but it’s also unsanitary for other humans and dogs. 

Pay Attention to Your Dog

Many pet owners, when arriving at the dog park, unleash their pets and don’t pay attention to what they are doing. Your dog might be playing one second and in a fight the next. It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your dog to make sure that they are playing nicely and safely. 

Bring Water 

Bring water with you so that your dog will have access to clean water. It keeps your dog hydrated and also ensures that your dog will come see you in intervals during their time at the park.

No Treats 

Some dogs are food aggressive, which might create a hostile environment for your dog. Also, it doesn’t take more than a whiff for other dogs to know you have snacks on you, so unless you’re prepared with a treat for every dog, keep the snacks in the car. 

Keep Small Children at Home 

You don’t know which dogs have socialized with kids and it is an uncontrolled environment. Some dogs may be larger than your youngins and want to play, creating a dangerous situation for them and your kids. 

Knowing Your Dog 

If your dog has aggressive behaviours or tendencies, it may be best to leave them at home. Safety should always come first when at a dog park. 

Healthy/Immunized Dogs 

Only bring healthy dogs to the dog park. Dog plays closely together, making it easy for them to spread diseases amongst each other which can be fatal for non-vaccinated dogs. While it may seem like a good idea for some doggy interaction when your pup is sick to make them feel better, it will actually do the opposite. Keep everyone else’s furry friends in mind when you think about taking your sick dog to the park.

Eglinton-Hwy 10 Veterinary Clinic make it our number one priority to ensure that your pet is healthy. Visit us for your dog’s regular check-ups, so they can be free to have fun and socialize at the dog park.