As a pet parent, finding the right doctor for your pooch can be a daunting task. We go out of our way to ensure that our pet is in safe hands and gets all the necessary vaccinations and health treatments that are necessary for it to thrive well. Here are our top five tips to find the best vet for your pet.

Word of mouth

One of the best ways to find a suitable doctor for your pet is through word of mouth. Get in touch with your neighbors who have pets and ask them about their experience with their local pet doctor. That way you will learn a lot about how will the doctor potentially treat your pet and what to expect from your visit.


If you are moving into a new neighborhood, why not ask your former vet to give you a referral? Vets will know other vets who have a similar way of treatment and will handle your pet with the same compassion and love as they were. Getting a referral from your former vet may work out to be a great idea.

Internet search

If you are completely new to the area, you may want to try searching online for ‘best animal doctor in Mississauga’ or ‘Veterinarian near me.’ You will find a comprehensive list of vet doctor’s clinics and emergency vet hospitals. You can read reviews online to find how are their services rated and what are their fees and choose something that suits you.

Visiting clinics

Before finalizing a doctor and taking your pet to their first visit, visit the hospital and check their facility. Look out for how clean the facility is, is there adequate seating, how crowded is the place, etc. Interact with a few pet parents if possible to understand how their experience with the place has been. You can also ask about the fees and any other doubts and questions you may have to the staff at the facility.


In terms of the facility, your preference really depends on what you are looking for. You may want to consider things like whether there are all-night nurses available if your pet needs to stay in the facility overnight, what kind of diagnostic equipment are available, what kinds of tests are done on-site, and whether you would prefer an all-cat or all-dog kind of facility. All these questions need to be thought about before finalizing a vet.

Credential check

One of the most important things to do is to check your vet’s credentials and see if they hold the appropriate license. The risk is minimal as anyone with a well-established facility is bound to have a proper practicing license, but it is best to be sure. Another critical aspect is to check how experienced the vet is. Naturally, a more experienced vet will have greater knowledge of different types of health complications and will be more efficient when it comes to solving them.

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